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The Defense Base Act
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All Civilian Contractors working US Government Funded Contracts
are to be covered under the
Defense Base Act Worker's Compensation
which is mandated by US Law and
Administrated by the US Department of Labor

The system is biased toward helping the insurance companies
even when a US Citizen is injured or killed.

As Third Country Nationals the insurance companies are more
easily assisted in their efforts to delay and deny
disability and medical benefits which you and
your family are entitled to.

These delays and denials are often life threatening.

Justice for Injured Contractors
is here to serve as your advocate
and to guide you through the complicated
Defense Base Act
Claims Process

Please contact us immediately if you have been injured or are the
family member of a contractor who was killed.

You do not have to go it alone !
The Defense Base Act

The Longshore Harbor Workers
Compensation Act

The War Hazards Act
All Foreign DBA Claims are
to be filed with the
New York District Office
Do not allow anyone to move
your claim to another district
South African Injured Contractor
Daniel Brink
Loses Family, Loses Home,
nearly loses life due to
CNA Insurance Company

Daniel Brink was working for DynCorp
International as a Personal Security Detail
Officer in Baghdad Iraq on the Civpol
Programme. He was injured in a bomb
explosion on the 22 nd of December 2005 just
outside Baghdad, this is his story.

“” After my return from the St.Georges Hospital  in England,
I was under the impression that CNA Global Insurance will
be putting me in a position to recover from my wounds and
loss of limbs instead my real struggle began. I obtained
approvals from Donna Sprags of CNA Global Insurance to
see various Dr’s , Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Dieticians ,
the supplying of wheelchairs etc etc.

At the time I still remarked to my then wife that under the
circumstances what I have been through at least DynCorp
International and their Insurance Carrier was going to look
after me. After a couple of months medical bills started
pilling up and various medical providers refused to give me
treatment. The Sheriff repossessed my wheelchair because
CNA Global Insurance stopped payment on the check that
they issued to the suppliers and my life really started
spiraling out of control.

I made an appointment with CNA Global Insurance and at
great cost to myself flew from South Africa to the United
States of America to attend the appointment with CNA
Global Insurance in order to discuss the non-payment of my
medical providers bills as well as various other issues. Upon
my arrival at the front-desk of CNA Global Insurance I was
informed that CNA Global Insurance no longer wished for
the meeting to take place and I was instructed to leave the

I further more on another occasion had a meeting with
DynCorp International in Texas where they informed me
that they wish to appoint me as the South African
Representative for the Civpol Alumni Programme to give
assistance to injured DynCorp International employees and
also the widows and families of contactors who had died.

A application for employment was signed where they were
going to pay myself and my then wife a retainer/salary. I
converted a room in my house to accommodate the
“DynCorp Civpol Employee Assistance Program for South
Africa” and then all of a sudden, as in hindsight I should
have expected DynCorp International stopped
communicating with me.

I am now five (5) years and one (1) month after my incident
at the stage in my life where I have lost my wife and kids, my
house and motor vehicles and my dignity. Two (2) weeks
ago I got evicted from the rental home where I was staying
and the little bit of furniture I had left was attached by the
court for the non payment of medical bills not paid by CNA
Global Insurance dating back over the last five (5) years.
My medication that I need because of PTSD and the severe
pain I experience, has not been paid for three months. My
teeth are extensively damaged right down to the nerves due
to grinding caused by the severe Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder I am suffering from. My dental implants in front of
my mouth have come loose and I have to secure them with
super adhesive, this is extremely dangerous and toxic. All
requests for medication and treatment have fallen on deaf
ears. My night care giver was suspended for one (1) month
because of a lack of payment. The night service has only
been reinstated a short while ago.

As can be seen from the photographs herewith I board with
my Personal Assistant / Driver in a very small three (3)
bedroom and one (1) bathroom house with eight (8) other
people. As can be noted I no longer possess a bed, I am
sleeping on the floor on a mattress in the living room with
my Night care Assistant sitting on a chair next to my
mattress. I have to use a bucket and a bottle to urinate in
the evenings.

Naturally without saying, this is creating a lot of additional
problems and stress in the home of my Personal Assistant /
Driver not only between himself and his wife but also their
children .There is no longer privacy in their home with
myself and my Night care Assistant being present. To make
it worse is the fact that their teenage daughters feel that
their space has been invaded and tensions in the home are
on high alert 24-7.

I am being sued by various medical practitioners, hospitals
and pharmacies for +- 275 000 USD of outstanding bills,
that the United States Department of Labor during
November 2009 and on the 29th of June 2010 instructed
not only Donna Sprags of CNA Global Insurance but also
their attorney Mr. Roger Levy to be make current.

At one stage the amount was 150 000 USD but because of
the strengthening of the South African rand vs the USD as
well as added interest on interest it has gone up to 275 000
USD, my credit has been revoked and I now must pay cash
for everything I want and need and I cannot afford this.


CAN'T!! “”

Daniel Brink
18 January 2011
South African Injured Contractors want to know:

“Since when is it ok for honest injured contractors suffering from
“TBI” AND “PTSD” plus others who lost legs and arms and even
eyes to be investigated by criminals and people who served terrorist

Injured Contractors in South African have been forced to deal with
CNA Insurance Companies latest TPA

Kevin Woods
Double Agent, Convicted Murderer

All three were serving life prison sentences and several attempts have been made,
to get them earlier released, a violent one by the apartheid South African
government in 1988 and Nelson Mandela as well as Thabo Mbeki have pleaded
with Robert Mugabe, to pardon them, Mandela on a state visit in 1997 and Thabo
Mbeki on several occasions after he became President.

Frequently they have been described as political prisoners and Peter Stiff
described them as the last POW’s (Prisoners of War) of the South African Conflict
in his book Warfare by other Means.

But were they really political prisoners or POW’s?

Let’s have a look at their past.

All three had been recruited after Zimbabwe became independent in 1980 into
Project Barnacle that was later renamed Civil Cooperation Bureau, an apartheid
South African death squad, that can take credit for countless extra judicial killings
inside and outside South Africa.

They were recruited by a former Rhodesian police officer by the name of Brian, his
correct name was Gary Branfield.

Branfield was also responsible for the planning of the terror attack on Gaborone on
14th June 1985. He died two years ago in Iraq

He formed a murder squad in Zimbabwe involving only Zimbabwean citizens.

The group, codename Juliet, consisted of

- Kit Bawden, ex Rhodesian Soldier, gang
leader -

- Michael Smith, Ex Rhodesian soldier, born in Bulawayo, who after Zimbabwe’s
independence served for a short while in apartheid South Africa’s terror and
destruction gang, called Reconnaissance Commando. He then returned to
Zimbabwe and served as farm manager in Chikari.

- Barry Bawden, cousin of Kit Bawden

- Guy Bawden, brother of Kit Bawden

- Kevin Woods, former officer in the Special
Branch of the British South Africa Police

- Philipp Conjwayo, former British South Africa
Police officer, not member of the inner circle
of that group, apartheid also here.

All of them were united by their hatred for black majority rule and their admiration
for apartheid South Africa.

Their first task was the murder of Oliver Tambo, ANC president with a car bomb,
while Tambo was attending a ceremony at the Heroes acre in Harare.

The plan was later abandoned for unknown reasons.

Next came the attempted assassination of Jeremy Brickhill on 13th October 1987.

Brickhill was a journalist and apartheid enemy. Pretoria decided, that he has to be

Guy Bawden planted a bomb under Brickhill’s car, when it was parked at a
shopping center and detonated it. Brickhill survived that assassination attempt,
albeit with severe injuries, His abdomen was ripped open, his left leg and hip
severely injured and he had to undergo several operations first in Harare and then
London and remained permanently disfigured and disabled. Eighteen people
nearby were also injured.

Next came apparently the kidnapping and smuggling of an ANC cadre by the name
of Jabulani to South Africa.

This was followed by a bomb attack on an ANC safe house in Bulawayo on 11
January 1988.

This attack was specifically hideous, as the gang including Philipp Conjwayo
recruited an unsuspecting Malawian jobseeker, Obert Mwanza, to drive the bomb
loaded car to the ANC house and hoot at the gate.

This was the signal for Kevin Woods and Kit Bawden for the remote detonation of
the car from a safe distance. Mwanza died, one ANC man was severely injured.

The Zimbabwean police arrested Woods, Smith, Conjwayo and Guy and Barry
Bawden. Except for Guy Bawden they were all sentenced to death in November
1988, later on the Supreme Court converted it to life imprisonment.

Guy Bawden was charged for the attempted assassination of Jeremy Brickhill,
however the Police could not prove it, he was released on medical grounds in 1990.

Kit Bawden managed to escape to South Africa.

That was, however, not the end to it.

The CCB decided, even before they were convicted, to free them.

Again this plan was cooked up by Major Brian, who never appeared before the
Truth and Reconciliation Commission, assuming, that he could get away with all of

They recruited a white Zimbabwean army pilot by the name of Gary Kane. The plan
was, to attack the prison van, that was ferrying the prisoners from the prison to the
court, free the prisoners and pick the whole party up with a helicopter to be stolen
by Gary Kane.

Part of the ground attack party was assembled in Namibia, later on reassembled
and supposed to drive via Kazungula border post from Botswana into Zimbabwe.

Here everything went wrong, for them as their car was searched and they try to flee.

The Botswana police managed to arrest one guy by the name of Sammy Beahan,
he was deported later on to Zimbabwe and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The other part of the attack party, who had entered Zimbabwe from South Africa
ran into problems as well, the stolen Helicopter picked them up and they managed
to escape to Redcliff, where a South African plane was waiting for them, however
not before shooting and severely injuring a 11 year old girl, who was watching them
out of curiosity.

Were they political prisoners? Certainly not.

They were simply mercenaries, Zimbabweans killing foreign freedom fighters or
their supporters and on the payroll of a foreign country.

They were given later on South African citizenship, before the apartheid
government went out of office.

Now the buck was passed on to the new South African government, to look after
them as well.

Mugabe was right not to release them on the request of Nelson Mandela, the Truth
and Reconciliation Commission and Thabo Mbeki.

Nobody could have blamed him, if he would not have pardoned them
Defense Base Act Class Action

Brink vs CNA et al

Since 2003, top government contractors like Blackwater, KBR, DynCorp,
CSA/AECOM and ITT have been perpetrating a fraud on their employees and on
the American public.  
The silent warriors who work for these companies, many of them decorated former
military service members, have been injured, mistreated and abandoned by the
contracting companies and their insurance carriers who have been paid hundreds
of millions of dollars in premiums.
“It is a grave injustice,” Bloch said, “to those who rode alongside American
soldiers, including Iraqi and Afghani Nationals, to be case aside without the
benefits of the law.  We are supposedly trying to bring them the rule of law.  We
are supposedly trying to encourage them in democractic institutions.  We are the
ones asking them to believe in justice and individual rights.  This is a travesty to all
Americans and those around the world who look to America for an example of
humanitarian aid and proper treatment of workers.”
This is a lawsuit for damages in the amount of $2 billion to remedy the injuries and
destruction caused to the lives, finances and mental and physical well being of
thousands of American families and others whose loved ones were injured while
serving America under contracts with the United States.  It seeks an additional
unspecified amount to punish the companies who made massive profits while
causing this harm to people unlawfully and maliciously and working a fraud on the
American public who paid them.
“This abusive and illegal scheme by the defendants has been allowed to go on for
too long.  We are talking about loss of life, suicide, loss of homes, marriages,
families split up, “ Bloch said, “and the culprits are the large government
contractors who should have treated their employees better, and the mega-
insurance companies who were paid a hefty sum to make sure the employees
were taken care of with uninterrupted benefits in the event of injuries in these war
This complaint is filed due to actions and omissions of defendants, in conspiracy
with others, and individually, to defeat the right of American citizens and foreign
nationals to receive their lawful benefits and compensation under the Defense
Base Act (“DBA”),  as it adopts the Longshore and Harbor Workers’
Compensation Act (“LHWCA”).
The lawsuit explains that those sued engaged under the RICO statute in an
enterprise of fraudulent and or criminal acts to further their scheme to defeat the
rights of individuals who have been injured or suffered occupational diseases, and
death, while on foreign soil in support of defense activities under the DBA.   These
acts were perpetrated repeatedly through bank fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, using
telephones, faxes, and United States mail .
“These are heroes, decorated by America’s Armed Services,” said Bloch.  “Some
of the foreign contractors were decorated special forces soldiers from their
countries who assisted the United States in combating threats.  
The sheer disregard for human dignity and law is reprehensible and deserves
punishment.  These families and many others who have been harmed need
treatment, need compensation, need redress of the wrongs that have been
perpetrated by these huge companies and insurance carriers for the last 10
They have earned $100 billion per year on the backs of these people, with the
blood of these plaintiffs and those whom they represent.” The was filed in the
United States District Court for the District of Columbia and covers individuals
from all over the United States, South Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan and other counties.

Join us in our Class Action here

Contact Scott J. Bloch, PA:
Scott Bloch, 202-496-1290

Injured War Contractors Sue Over Health Care,
Disability Payments
by T Christian Miller

Private contractors injured while working for the U.S. government in Iraq and
Afghanistan filed a class action lawsuit in federal court on Monday, claiming that
corporations and insurance companies had unfairly denied them medical
treatment and disability payments.

The suit, filed in district court in Washington, D.C., claims that private contracting
firms and their insurers routinely lied, cheated and threatened injured workers,
while ignoring a federal law requiring compensation for such employees. Attorneys
for the workers are seeking $2 billion in damages.

The suit is largely based on the Defense Base Act, an obscure law that creates a
workers compensation system for federal contract employees working overseas.
Financed by taxpayers, the system was rarely used until the wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan, the most privatized conflicts in American history.

Hundreds of thousands of civilians working for federal contractors have been
deployed to war zones to deliver mail, cook meals and act as security guards for U.
S. soldiers and diplomats. As of June 2011, more than 53,000 civilians have filed
claims for injuries in the war zones. Almost 2,500 contract employees have been
killed, according to figures kept by the Department of Labor, which oversees the

An investigation by ProPublica, the Los Angeles Times and ABC’s 20/20 into the
Defense Base Act system found major flaws, including private contractors left
without medical care and lax federal oversight. Some Afghan, Iraqi and other
foreign workers for U.S. companies were provided with no care at all.

The lawsuit, believed to be the first of its kind, charges that major insurance
corporations such as AIG and large federal contractors such as Houston-based
KBR deliberately flouted the law, thereby defrauding taxpayers and boosting their
profits. In interviews and at Congressional hearings, AIG and KBR have denied
such allegations and said they fully complied with the law. They blamed problems
in the delivery of care and benefits on the chaos of the war zones.